We are all making changes in our lives due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A big change that has happened for a lot of people is that they are now working from home. I am hearing from patients that they are having an increase in back pain due to working from home.

I thought that I would pass a few tips that would help when working from home.

One of the first things that would help would be not to work in bed. Working in bed does not support your back and the angle at which you work is not good for your back either.

Make sure you are working on flat surface so that your computer is eye level and comfortable with you line of vision. You can raise your laptop by putting a book underneath-this will help eliminate back pain from looking down at your screen.

Sitting all day in a chair that does not support you lower back can cause pain. Its a good idea to have a chair that supports your lumbar spine and that your feet are firmly on the floor. Your hips should be higher than your knees and your back should be flush to the back of the chair. A chair with arm rests that are adjusted to allow your arms to be supported -no shoulders hiked while working and only 2/3 of your forearms should be on your work surface. You should scoot in as close to your desk or work surface -so that your stomach is close to desk surface.

Keeping things you use often and throughout the day, within easy reach, if you are prone to neck or shouder pain you should avoid using a laptop on your lap.

Remember to take breaks, stay hydrated and safe during these challenging times.